As If No Way

- Review - Dujat's With Him Remix -

"The tranquil soundscapes swirl and don’t hesitate to grow into more challenging atmosphere’s before fading away"

The Playground

- Interview -

"I love to play around with field recordings, samples – make little loops and destroy them with effects"

A Closer Listen

- Review - Places -

"The word “daydream” is bandied about, distorted and looped, sending the dancers into an Eno-like reverie"


- Interview- 

"I think sound is about balance and all the sounds that I make have to have this"


- Review - Some Silver Burns -

"The ambient landscape is inhabited by textured beats, mist-like synth and violin of mournful character"


- EP announcement - 

"Piksel Releases Ambient Score as Three-Track EP"

DJ Mag

- Review - She Ghetto -

"this track wonderfully allots space to tense processed strings, warped, wordless alien voices and post-rave kick drum thuds"

Negative Space

- Interview & mix -

"Most creative inspiration comes from everyday life - and ‘Places’ - is just another experience"

Arcana FM

- Review - 'Places' -

"...while Boxes gives a vivid representation of heavy cubes being pushed around, with white noise and electronics squeezing the sound"

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